Robert J. Hartung III | Dojo-Cho/ Instructor 

Robert J. Hartung III (Rob) began his training in 1993 under Rick Spangler.  In March of 2005, he passed his go-dan test administered by Hatsumi Sensei. Shortly after, he moved to Japan to continue studying and training with Hatsumi sensei and Noguchi Sensei.  Shortly there after, with the help of a senior member of the Noguchi dojo, Rob became a student of Noguchi sensei and member of the Noguchi dojo.

His training also included studying with various other Shihan as well, most notably Oguri sensei, (Oguri Sensei has since passed).  While in Japan, Rob also studied other martial arts including kendo and other koryu schools of kenjutsu and jujutsu.

In August 2010, Rob moved back to the U.S. in the spring of 2018 he partnered up with Kevin Clarke to help create the Bujinkan Roselle Dojo.

Rob feels privileged to have had a chance to study and train with some of the best martial artists Japan has to offer.  He is also indebted to those who helped him on his way while living in Japan. Without the help and care of senior members of the Noguchi Dojo and others, he would not have been able to learn and grow as he did.  He will continue to train and grow with this in mind.  Rob continues his study by traveling to Japan and visiting senior members of the Bujinkan that come to the states.

Rob is happily married, and an active volunteer and member of several Japanese organizations in the Chicagoland area.  He enjoys teaching both kids and adults, his passion for teaching is a result of living in Japan teaching kids English.  He believes in studying for studying sake.

Kevin Clarke | Instructor 

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