Enter the Bujinkan Roselle Dojo.  Learn both self-defense tactics and the martial arts of the ninja and samurai.

At the Bujinkan Roselle Dojo we offer classes for Kids starting at five years old, and adult classes starting at seventeen years old.

Check out the blog and download the training guide for more information.

About Kids Classes:

Bujinkan Roselle Dojo, isn’t just another place for after school activities for students.  It is a place to further education, develop character, and build discipline.  Unlike school sports, martial arts are personal physical activities that can be enjoyed and practiced throughout life.  In the Bujinkan, our grandmaster is 88 years old and still actively teaching. Sports are great, but martial arts are special type of practice and activity.

For children, training in the Bujinkan is exciting, classes develop their attention and improve their ability to learn. They will be taught a sense of morality and ethics, how to treat and interact with others as well as developing confidence.  Students will be empowered by a sense of accomplishment.

Moral education is taught in a Japanese way, they will foster values of respect, courtesy, honesty, perseverance, sincerity, and integrity.  These values are taught through both physical training and through stories. Students will learn to think about others and themselves and their place in society. A dojo is a community, not just a place for martial arts.

Your child will learn to endure and persevere.  Your child will develop a never-give-up attitude to overcome obstacles and increase their capacity.  Students will become future leaders, lifting not only themselves up, but those around them. They will grow in mind and body able to meet any adversity head-on and overcome it.  They will become natural goal setters and achievers.